Andrew Williamson & OFF ISLAND

OFF ISLAND is a media company that creates film, video and digital content with purpose.

Seasoned producer-director Andrew Williamson is the driving force behind OFF ISLAND.  He brings more than two decades of experience from the world of film and television to this storytelling venture.  He has worked with companies, broadcasters, federal and provincial governments, funders and organizations to create, produce, and deliver stories to audiences around the world.

Inspired by Andrew, OFF ISLAND has a strong mandate to create content with purpose.  Content that advocates for positive change and clear action.

With a history of quality storytelling and critical acclaim, OFF ISLAND creates documentary films, television and web series, and digital content to fulfil this mandate.

OFF ISLAND also works with companies and organizations to create, communicate, share, and amplify content that showcases their values. 


Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.
— Edward Abbey